For the fourth year running, the WYO Rodeo board is pleased to announce that Dana Bowman, Sgt. First Class (Ret.), is joining us for a spectacular Star-Spangled parachute demonstration to help kick off all four nights of the PRCA-sanctioned Sheridan WYO Rodeo. Bowman has made more than 4,000 jumps and is the first double-amputee to reenlist in the United States Army.

Sgt. First Class Bowman (Ret.) parachutes into the Sheridan County Fairgrounds with a 2,000 square foot flag where dozens of volunteers of all ages greet him to hold the flag and prepare for the National Anthem performed by Sheridan’s hometown trio, The Craft Brothers.

There are many things to look forward to at the WYO Rodeo — experiencing Dana parachute in with the American Flag is incredible and not to be missed. It’s an honor and a privilege to welcome him back.