Gold Buckle Club

The Gold Buckle Club is all about building community.

Our mission is simple: to support the WYO Rodeo’s positive economic impact on our hometown while creating a place for folks to come together and build lasting friendships bonded by a common cause.

The Gold Buckle Club is composed of 250 business and community leaders who value community above all else. Each member contributes generously year-after-year to ensure the WYO Rodeo continues to thrive and remains financially sound.

The Gold Buckle Club is an Official Sponsor of the WYO Rodeo, alongside Coca-Cola, M&M’s, EMIT and the WYO Rodeo Posse. That means our funds help to promote and preserve our western way of life by way of ongoing fairgrounds improvements, increasing purses for competing World Championship Indian Relay teams and PRCA cowboys and cowgirls.

Over the last several years the WYO Rodeo drew guests from more than a dozen countries and all 50 states. It also drives more than $6 million in annual economic impact throughout Sheridan, Wyoming. Every member of the Gold Buckle Club is proud to contribute to the continued growth of the Sheridan WYO Rodeo and our beloved community.

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Currently, Gold Buckle Club membership initial dues are $2,000.00 and subsequent dues are $1,000.00 annually.

Your membership will include one custom designed and individually numbered custom made belt buckle by Montana Silversmiths and one custom designed pendant. It also includes invitations to special events sponsored by the Gold Buckle Club.

We are now at full membership with 250 current members but we do have a waiting list for new members and encourage you to apply for this opportunity.

If you would like to become a Gold Buckle Club member please contact us at:

Gold Buckle Club
PO Box 742
Sheridan, WY 82801

[email protected]


GBC Officers:

Chairman-Troy Baker
Vice-Chairman-Steve Kraft
Secretary-Vicki Jorgenson

GBC Board Members:

Scott Davis
Kenn Durfee
Vic Hansen
Doug Haye
Larry Gold
Trigg Marquiss
Greg VonKrosigk

WYO Rodeo Advisory Board Members:

Hayden Heaphy
Billy Craft


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