Project Description

The World Championship Indian Relay Races promise edge-of-your-seat excitement!

Horses forever changed life on the Great Plains. They tipped the balance of power in favor of mounted warriors, and they were prized as wealth. For Native Americans today, horses endure as an emblem of tradition and a source of pride, pageantry and healing.

Indian Relay Racing is a way for teams to compete for cash and prizes. Teams consist of one rider, three horses, two holders and a mugger.

The race starts in front of the grandstands, with a standing start. Racers make one lap around the track,  changing horses twice in front of the grandstands.

Timers keep track of heats and the teams with the best times advance to the Championship race on Saturday night.

Teams compete for $50,000 in cash and prizes before the PRCA Rodeo Performance. 

2021 Sheridan WYO Rodeo World Championship Indian Relay Information

July 14-17, 2021

$50,000 in Cash & Prizes


Entries Limited to First 20 Applicants
Entries Close June 30, 2021!
Late entries: $700!
Cash prizes for traditional tribal costuming!
Buckles and Jackets awarded to race winners!

2021 World Championship Indian Relay Entry Form


For more information please contact:

Jess Sams
[email protected]

Lonnie Wright
[email protected]

$500 per team, added to purse. Entries will close with first 20 entries received with payment. Late entries: (if space available) The fee for any entry postmarked after June 29, 2020 will be $700. Get your entry in early!! Money orders or cashiers checks, made out to Sheridan WYO Rodeo. NO PERSONAL CHECKS! To pay by credit card call 307-672-9715. All credit cards will be accessed a $30 service fee. Wyoming law requires all horses to have current brand and health papers.

All Judges decisions are final.

1. A loose horse on the track disqualifies the team for that heat only.
2. Traditional tribal costumes (moccasins, breechcloths) required for riders.
Any rider not properly attired may be assessed a 10 second penalty!!!!
3. 4 people and 3 horses per team. You will be assigned 5 stalls.
4. All horses remain on track during entire race.
5. Intoxicated teams and bad behavior will result in disqualification. This includes unsportsmanlike
conduct or animal cruelty, arguing with judges and/or official personnel.
6. Races will be timed. Championship race determined by times posted in qualifying heats.
7. Dismounted, standing start. Muggers may assist rider.
8. Sheridan WYO Rodeo reserves the right to refuse any entry.
9. Race officials will draw post positions July 1, 2020 so that races may be posted in the rodeo program.
10. Race officials reserve the right to excuse any team with unruly or unfit horses.
11. Pre-race meeting at 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, July 8th, 2020. All teams are required to attend.

TEAM ENTRY DEADLINE FOR 2021 WILL BE UPDATED SOON. Once the 2021 entry form is available, please mail it to: Sheridan WYO Rodeo, P.O. Box 742 Sheridan WY 82801